SPRÜCHE - Englische

Never forget me, forget me never, but when you forget me, forget me forever!

Dont cry say Fuck you and Smyle

love is hard to find, easy to loose, and difficult to forget

Should I smile cause we are friends or should i cry cause we will never be more?

You asked me what was wrong . I smiled and said nothing. Then I turned around and wishpered EVERYTHING

Let´s play the game of whose life sucks the most. I´ll win.

catch a little star, put it in your pocket and keep it for a rainy day

I prefer group activity because even if it's foolish - at least I'm not the only fool.

I am not upset and will continue to deny how upset I am until I calm down.

take your face and go

Hate me, Hit me, Hurt me, Destroy me, but NEVER say that you love me.

Hey You! My ass; Your lips: they should meet

eveяytнiиg I ∂i∂, I ∂i∂ iт ƒoя you!

Cσиvεгsε ΛllSтaг Cнυcκs 


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